We are a global hub for creative industries to develop and drive change towards a more sustainable future grounded in science

Understand The Challenges

We’ve heard about climate change, greenhouse gases and the need to live sustainably, but what does it all actually mean? To find solutions we need to understand the problems we face. There is valuable science we can look at and use to transform our thinking and the ways in which we live and work such as the planetary boundary concept, resilience, system thinking and indigenous knowledge.

By making this information engaging and accessible to the creative industries it has the potential to become a beacon of change.

Creative Solutions

While the task at hand may seem overwhelming there are many things society, businesses and government can do to help bring about the changes needed. Our mission is to focus on what the music industry can do.

Music, art and film are an integral part of our lives and they can transcend age, race, religion and location. The creative community has the ability to influence and impact culture and societies all over the world.

Creative Solutions
Join us on our journey into a sustainable future